Fragrance Descriptions

 NEW!!!  *ABERCROMBIE & FITCH - FIERCE for Men - FIERCE's scent is an immediate attention getter! A fresh citrus aroma with a warm musky subtleness and a seductive attitude. Fresh Citrus, Sheer Floral, Warm Musk, Cedarwood and Vetiver.

 *ABERCROMBIE FOR women  - A sexy scent just for women! Citrus notes with floral tones of jasmine, rose, lilies and peony mingled with a soft sensuous musk.  

*ABERCROMBIE FOR MEN  - Super strong, super sexy scent for men. Refreshing bergamont, lime, calming notes of lavender, rich warm spice, calming woods, intermingle with musk....  

*ACQUA DI GIO - An aquatic floral fragrance mingling free-spirited tropical flowers with the effervescent aroma of sea spray. A fresh new fragrance and lifestyle concept with the coolness and transparency of a tropical paradise." Notes of Sweet Pea, Aquatic Notes, Jasmine, Freesia, White Hyacinth, Muscat Grape, Musk, Woods. Fresh, casual, and free-spirited. 

*AFRICAN MUSK - an exotic, rich sandalwood and musk on a rich vanilla base. Hints of Jasmine and strawberry make up the middle notes of this absolutely beautiful oil! Great in soy and safe for bath and body.

 *AMAZED GRACIE TYPE  - (AMAZING GRACE - Philosophy type) Truly amazing! A sparklingly fresh floral-white musk blend that simply cannot be resisted -- one whiff and you'll be hooked! Top notes of all-natural Italian bergamot and lemon essential oils are sweetened with fruity touches of peach, plum, and ripe raspberry. This is all a brief prelude to a mind-blowing midsection composed of a classic floral trifecta of jasmine, orange blossom, and rose. A hint of cedarwood and an enormous splash of the most glorious, long-lasting, head-spinning white musk imaginable make for a clean, sexy finish. 

*AMBRA DEL NAPAL Type  - (i Profumi di firenze type) A rich amber fragrance with notes of cardamon and sweet, creamy Madagascar vanilla; celestial amber laced with robust cardamom and creamy, full-bodied vanilla. An invitingly voluptuous and seductive aroma.

*APHRODESIA - A sensual blend of musk, patchouli and chocolate.

*Apple Cinnamon - Wonderful blend of crisp red mac apples and swirls of hot cinnamon added throughout. Very clean and crisp.  Very strong!

*Apple Jack & Peel Type- A Claire Burke duplication. Delicious fresh apple aroma with spicy notes of cinnamon and clove. 

*APPLE PIE - You guessed it....smells like a warm freshly baked apple pie

*APRICOT FREESIA -  A fresh, fruity accord with nuances of peach on a background of freesia.  Very fresh and clean!

*ASIAN ORANGE SPICE - A blend of oranges and ginger, mixed with noted of bergamot, clove, lemon and nutmeg

*ASIAN SPICE - Pier I Type - The top notes are West Indian lime and sweet fennel. The middle notes are woodsy patchouli, eucalyptus and red rose. The bottom notes are a rich woodsy spice. If you like mysterious oriental types of oil - rich, dark and sultry - you will love this oil.

*ASPEN WINTER, WB Type - A MUST HAVE FOR WINTER!!!! A fabulously festive combination of Bay Leaf, Fresh Pine, Red Cinnamon and warm winter woodsy notes combined with hints of holiday fruits.  This is a wonderful Holiday oil!  Super Strong!

*Autumn Leaves Type - I just adore this fragrance, PERFECT!!!  Fresh breezes, ylang ylang and sandalwood mixed with patchouli, hints of pine needles and freshly fallen leaves give you a woodsy, earthy scent that evokes warmth and coziness. A different spin on a popular Y Type

NEW!!!  *AUTUMN WREATH - YANKEE-there's a cheerful fall welcome in the spicy warmth of autumn leaves and cinnamon apples.

*BABY MAGIC TYPE - The perfect Baby Soft Smell! Just out of the tub, all squeaky clean! Smells like a precious baby should! I like this much better than just plain baby powder

*BABY PHAT "GODDESS" TYPE - Our Version of the designer fragrance.

*BANANA WAFER PUDDING - A heavenly creation made up of thick, rich and creamy vanilla pudding with rich, ripe banana's mixed with a crisp rich with vanilla wafer!  A fabulous oil! 

 *BASIC INSTINCT TYPE - VS TYPE- A wonderful, sensual fragrance that you'll never forget!!!! A beautiful blend of plum, port wine, apricot, Turkish Rose, gardenia, wild tuberose, patchouli, and vanilla orchid. An unforgettable fragrance!!!! I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!

*BLACK CHERRY - I was really torn should I name this sour cherry or black cherry....went with the black cherry, it simply devine!!!!!!!

*BAYBERRY - A wonderful blend of pine and spices!

*BEDTIME BATH - Johnson's Type-A dupe of the most loved baby fragrance on the market today!! 

*BLACK ORCHID TYPE (TOM FORD) - Sexy, sexy, sexy! A deep, dark modern take on orchid, a mainstay of classical perfumery. Our re-creation of this designer fragrance begins with top notes of ginger, black pepper, and ylang blossom, leading to a spicy floral middle of gardenia, jasmine, orchid, and clove bud. As with all deep, intense fragrances, the bottom notes are key: patchouli, amber, balsam, vanilla, musk, and sandalwood provide a sweet, smooth, mysterious finish.

*BLACKBERRY AMBER-BBW TYPE - Sumptuous blackberries blended with rich amber notes of vanilla, golden amber, tiny hints of caramel, sandalwood and musk. This fragrance is addictive!!

*Blueberry Cheesecake - Inviting aroma of baked vanilla and mouthwatering blueberries.

*BLISSFUL BLACKBERRY-BBW TYPE - A wonderful fragrance!  Fresh blackberry, grape and cassis notes with soft florals and vanilla-warmed spun sugar.

*BUTTER RUM CAPPUCCINO This is a fantastic oil! Warm, cappuccino – frothy and thick with a healthy splash rich, buttery rum added!  WOW!  You will love this!  Super strong! 

*BUTTERFLY-HANAE MORI TYPE - Our interpretation of the Hanae Mori BUTTERFLY fragrance. Top notes of blackberry, bilberry, black current and strawberry, blend into the heart of rose and jasmine. To finish this rich fragrance bottom notes of sandalwood, rosewood, almond and ebony.  This perfume duplication was inspired by cheery trees in bloom, a traditional oriental symbol of beauty. A rich, luscious oriental floral fragrance.

*CACTUS AND SEA SPRAY - Shimmering green cactus mingled with ocean air, sea spray, driftwood, and sea moss gives you a seaside blend of fresh ozone with just a hint of a sweet musky background.

*CAFE VANILLA LATTE - A wonderful vanilla with hints of coffee!!! Yummy!

*CANDY CANE - A sweet peppermint blend

 *CARIBBEAN - A tropical paradise blend of coconut, fresh sliced pineapple, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This fragrance screams summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 *CASHMERE - A lovely blend of musk, floral, myrrh, lavender, jasmine, lemon, powder, patchouli, and vanilla. This is an enticing, romantic oil!

NEW!!!  *CEDARWOOD SPICE -  A warm & sophisticated scent. A delightful earthy tones blended beautifully with just the right amount of spices. I LOVE THIS ONE!!!

 *CHANEL NO. 5 - A Coco Chanel duplication. A best selling perfume for the past 80 years! This is a very complex oil with over 100 raw materials. The top notes are fresh floral ylang ylang, rose petals, and French jasmine; the middle notes are vetiver and sandalwood with rich fragrant woodsy bottom notes. Women of all ages will love this oil!

*CHANEL COCO- A very feminine, complex scent blended with Sandalwood, Bulgarian Rose and clove bud; hints of patchouli, frangipini, musk, Indian Jasmine and Mimosa. 

*CHANEL CHANCE - A fragrance that embraces the aroma of a successful, ambitious woman who loves the finer things in life.  This fragrance is a blend of citron, water hyacinth, jasmine, iris, teakwood, vetiver, patchouli, amber, and white musk.

*CHESTNUTS AND BROWN SUGAR - This scent is hard to describe, very sweet and buttery. This scent has such a wonderful warm baking smell that hugs you with warm memories of freshly baked goodies from days gone by.  A delicious mixture of caramel and rich maple combined with chestnuts in a buttery cream base.

*CHINA RAIN - This is a very clean and crisp, very strong ozone scent with strong perfume type undertones. Slightly oriental undertones

 NEW!!!  *Chocolate Mint Latte - OH MY GOSH!!!! This fragrance rocks!!! Minty Chocolate with just a hint of coffee, super strong!!!

 *CHRISTMAS COOKIE - YANKEE TYPE - A strong French vanilla with butter, spices and milk added to make you want to start decorating your house for the holidays!

 *CHRISTMAS EVE TYPE -  A magical sugared plum fragrance. Yankee type, rich and uplifting

 *CHRISTMAS MULBERRY - Blend of woods, spice, fruit and flowers to enhance the Christmas Spirit

 *CHRISTMAS SPICE - A delightful blend of holiday spices. Just the right amount of pine, cinnamon, spices, fruit and candy to make you think Santa has filled your stocking to the brim!

*Pine Forest/Christmas Tree - A very woodsy and heavy, green pine odor. You'll think you have a freshly cut Christmas tree in your house!

*CINNA-BERRY - Red hot cinnamon blended with holiday berries! 


*CINNAMON BUN - Sweet, sticky, buttery and spicy with just hint of cloves and cinnamon.  SUPER STRONG!

NEW!!!  *CINNAMON CRANBERRY - This is a wonderful blend of cranberry and spices. This is very strong!  The base note is cranberry. Not super heavy in cinnamon, but a nice blend of different spices to give it a heavy, rich, spicy attitude! Actually, I like that - Cranberry with a spicy attitude!

 *Cinnamon & Sandalwood - Yankee Type-A beautiful blend of soothing sandalwood, with just a hint of cinnamon

NEW!!!   *CINNAMON & SUGAR - Yankee Type!! A yummy blend of cinnamon and brown sugar.

*CINNAMON STICK - A full-bodied scent of rich, hot and very spicy cinnamon.

NEW!!!    *CITRUS CREAM - BBW TYPE - AWESOME, UPLIFTING SCENT!! A dead on BBW duplication. A wonderful creamy blend of orange, citrus and vanilla....yummmmm!

*CITRUS & SAGE - A super aroma with top notes of mandarin, ruby red grapefruit, and lemon rinds with bottom notes of fresh sage leaves. Super Strong!

*CLAIRE BURKE ORIGINAL type - A designer inspired fragrance. This timeless blend of roses, lavender and spice, laced with patchouli and vetiver is perfectly suited to any season. This classic fragrance has been a Claire Burke tradition passed from one generation to the next for over 40 years! VERY STRONG!

*CLEAN COTTON - Fresh green apple with hints of orange and pineapple on a drydown of musk.  Super strong, super clean.

*CLOVE- Strong clove with hints of cinnamon and ginger.

*COCO CHANEL TYPE -   A very feminine, complex scent blended with Sandalwood, Bulgarian Rose and clove bud; hints of patchouli, frangipini, musk, Indian Jasmine and Mimosa.

*COCONUT LIME VERBENA - A wonderful blend of fresh coconut, lime and verbena with bottom notes of vanilla and light musk. The zesty lime is intermingled with a tart lemon verbena and sharp notes of ozone. Fruity notes of melon, muguet, mandarin and Kumquat are infused with sheer notes of coconut, vanilla and musk! 


*COUNTRY CHRISTMAS - A great blend of cinnamon, mandarin oranges, mixed sweet and sour cranberries and a tiny hint of citrus on a base of rich, creamy vanilla. This is a wonderful holiday addition.

*COUNTRY KITCHEN- This is a heavenly FOOD scent! It takes me back to the old days when you were in the kitchen helping your mom prepare a Holiday dinner! It is a mixture of many, many spices, and a touch of fresh baked bread in the bottom notes! It smells like all those foods you make for a huge holiday dinner - apple pies, pumpkin pies, stuffing, sweet potatoes with brown sugar, cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, ham and turkey; when I first smelled this out of bottle, I swear I could almost smell turkey gravy! This is EXACTLY FABULOUS! The mixture of spices is perfect! A BEST SELLER!

*COZY CHRISTMAS - Wonderful blend of nutmeg, rum, cinnamon, ginger and chocolate. The bottom notes are the nutmeg and cinnamon.

*CRANBERRY CINNAMON - This is a wonderful blend of cranberry and spices. This is very strong!  The base note is cranberry. Not super heavy in cinnamon, but a nice blend of different spices to give it a heavy, rich, spicy attitude! Actually, I like that - Cranberry with a spicy attitude!

*CREME BRULEE - Delicious buttery top notes meld with nuances of mouth-watering peach. The heart of the fragrance is a tantalizing mix of warm sugar and sweet vanilla that greets a creamy coconut base.

*CUCUMBER MELON TYPE - A wonderful blend of cucumber and melons with a tiny background hint of floral. Super Strong!!!!

*CUCUMBER MINT - You will love this clean and fresh minty cucumber blend!  This wonderful combination creates a fabulous uplifting, cooling sensation! 

*CUPID - An alluring nuance of refreshing pomegranate and rich creamy vanilla.

*Curves for Men Type - A refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of fresh greens, warm wind, pepper, and finishing with mahogany and water.

*DANCING WATERS TYPE - BBW TYPE-Sparkling clear waters swirl with water lilies. You will love this clean, refreshing bouquet made up of hints of sweet lemon and crisp green apple blended with lily of the valley, jasmine, fresh air, crisp leafy green notes and a dry down of musk.

*DOLCE & GABBANA "LIGHT BLUE" TYPE - A wonderful re-creation of this designer floral powerhouse worthy of it's name!! Top notes of peach, bluebell and tart granny smith apples, lemon and jasmine leads into a fruity fresh floral heart of bamboo, white rose, guava and pineapple. A sweet woody base of musk, cedar, sandalwood and amber. OVERALL A STUNNING UPSCALE FLORAL!!!!!!

*Drakkar Noir Type - Drakkar is classified as a sharp, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of lavender, citrus, spicy berries and sandalwood .

*DREAM ANGELS HEAVENLY- A complex blend of floral and woody notes. Ozone and green notes mingle into the heart of the fragrance , which includes, lavender and muguet. The undertones consist of sweet woody notes of sandalwood and touches of powder and musk.

NEW!!!  *ED HARDY (W)- WOW, what a fragrance!! I've had oodles of requests for this one, including my daughter.....notes include apple soufflé, mango, wild strawberry, rudy red grapefruit, freesia petals, watery muguet, linden blossom, warm amber, musk, tonka bean...

*EGYPTIAN'S DRAGON -  A musky blend of patchouli with rose top notes on a musky background.

*EGYPTIAN ROSE GERANIUM - A nature identical geranium type. Hints of sweet fresh rose and geranium with slight fruity notes intermingled! A beautiful oil!  You will not believe how absolutely beautiful this fragrance is!!

*EUCALYPUTS & SPEARMINT TYPE - A wonderful BBW Type, that is a blend of Eucalyputs, Sage, Spearmint and Lavender. A very SOOTHING & RELAXING fragrance.

*EUPHORIA-CALVIN KLEIN TYPE - Our interpretation of this brand-new best-selling fragrance is a contrast between exotic fruits and seductive florals, which creates a rich, creamy, seductive scent.

*EXOTIC COCONUT - A BBW type. An exotic coconut of musk and coconut.

*EXTRA Spicy Spice Cookie - This is the spice cookie of all spice cookies! SUPER STRONG! SUPER FABULOUS! The ultimate in spice cookies! Hints of vanilla frosting, cinnamon sticks, raisins, nutmeg, ginger and graham crackers are just part of the mix in this ultra-strong spice cookie!

*FARMER'S MARKET TYPE- Cider-pressed apples and a hint of Clementine spiced with cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. You will love this old fashioned country goodness! Our version of a popular Y Type.

*FATA MORGANA -AN AMAZING FRAGRANCE!!! A wonderful full bodied floral, that lives up to it's magical & mystical namesake. Base notes of Thyme, Sandalwood, Egyptian Musk and Exotic Spices blend beautifully with middle notes of Amber, Red Tea, Turkish Red Rose. Top notes are Valencia Orange, French Mimosa and Mexican Torch Flower. SUPER STRONG!!!!!!

*FIRE ISLAND - This is a Bond No 9 Designer Perfume type

 *FIRESIDE-ELTON JOHN TYPE - A pleasant vanilla and hot embers type with notes of chared woods of birch, pine and cedar and a musky, balsamic, ambery-vanilla and sandalwood drydown. I really like this fragrance, the back ground has just a hint of smoke, mixed with all the vanilla's turns this into a very soothing fragrance. A MUST TRY!


*FRESH CUT ROSES TYPE - Yankee Type-This is the best rose I've ever smelled!! Smells just like my roses in the garden.....PERFECT ROSE!!!

*FROST BITE- A rich wintergreen scent

NEW!!!    *Frosted Pumpkin-Yankee Type-THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF THE BEST FRAGRANCES EVER!!!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!! A warm, delicious recipe of pumpkin, spices, honey and maple topped with sugary vanilla frosting.

*GAIN, APPLE MANGO TANGO TYPE - A tropical blend of sweet floral and exotic fruits infused with a woodsy, musky base.  Super Strong! 

*GARDENIA - A Timeless classic floral

*GINGER ESSENCE-ORIGINS TYPE - Warm notes of ginger are enhanced by lemon, black currant, and nutmeg, leading to a floral jasmine-led middle, with a sweet, smooth drydown of white musk and amber.

*GINGER PEACH - I LOVE THIS PEACH!!!! A well-balanced fragrance consisting of warm ginger essence, combined with juicy peaches.

*GINGERBREAD GOODIES - This oil is warm and yummy! A rich, warm gingerbread with a spicy combination of cinnamon sticks, vanilla, ground ginger, clove buds, and maple syrup with a smooth citrus top note. Super Strong! 

*GLADE'S GLISTENING SNOW TYPE -  A wonderful holiday oil bursting with  fresh Bayberry with undertones of cinnamon, clove and peppermint! 

*GODIVA CHOCOLATE TINI - I can't say enough about this oil! Sweet Godiva chocolate liqueur with a hint of cream and "vodka" make up this totally yummy new tini

*GOLDEN CLOVE - A Pier 1 Type. A blend of clove and cinnamon with just a hint of vanilla. SUPER STRONG!  EXCELLENT!! BEST SELLER

*GREEN APPLE (Crisp and Fresh) - For those of you looking for that perfect, super strong, super crisp and fresh green apple - this is the one!

*GREEN TEA AND CUCUMBER - A unique blend of green tea and cucumber with hints of balsam, almond, cinnamon, vanilla spice. Excellent! 

*HAPPY HOLIDAYS TYPE - A warm festive scent mixed with patchouli, faint notes of citrus and clove; cool mint mingles throughout. Tiny traces of lavender and jasmine with notes of a warm pine give this oil a deep woodsy earthy tone. Unique and super strong!

*HAPPY TYPE - CLINQUE TYPE Launched in 1997, the original Happy is a lingering, multi-layered floral. Wear it and be happy. Ruby Red Grapefruit, Boysenberry Bush Flower, Hawaiian Wedding Flower

* Harvest Type - Yankee Type. A very spicy blend of cinnamon bark and clove on a dry down of musk 

 NEW!!!  *HARVEST MOON - THIS IS MY FAVORITE FALL FRAGRANCE!!!  An amazing blend of pine, nuts and berries. Total comfort in a bottle:) super strong

 *HAYRIDE - A totally unique clean fall fragrance!!!!! This fragrance will take you back to your teen years, when the most important thing in life was who you were going to "sit" next to on the hayride. This fragrance captures "fall is in the air". 

 *HEAVENLY BLUE LOTUS - The bouquet of heady sweetness of Hyacinth, Tuberose, Freesia, Orange Blossom, and White Calla Lily, the base note are a mix of green  and woodsy notes of Wild Celery, Cypress  and Mahogony

*HELLO SUGAR-BBW TYPE - A refreshing blend of tart lemons mixed in a light whipped cream topped with sweet vanilla crystals! FABULOUS!! 

NEW!!!    *HOLLYBERRY-YANKEE TYPE -  The aroma of Christmas traditions with notes of newly fallen pine cones and freshly ground cinnamon, topped of with a hint of floral.

*HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS Type - A version of the Y type. A great blend of pine, cinnamon, cedar wood, cloves, orange, cherry and tangerine. This is a wonderful holiday oil .

 NEW!!!   *HOLLISTER-MALIA-Malaia is the natural beauty of a sundrenched "California" girl. The essence of crisp water, sheer florals, and soft woody tones. The allure of the ocean and the California sun. Lime, Jasmine, Heliotrope, Muguet, Cedarwood, White Musk, Crisp Water the allure of the Ocean.

NEW!!!  *HOLLISTER-SOCAL - That great fragrance you smell coming out of the Hollister stores!

*HONEYSUCKLE- Floral bouquet of jasmine, muguet and neroli and an undertone of coconut and peach.

*HYACINTH CHULA ORCHID - EVERYONE LOVES THIS FRAGRANCE!!! This oil has a sheer fresh floral complex with a top note of water blossoms and green ivy. The middle notes are hyacinth, lilacs, white jasmine and orchids. The base is ylang, warm spice & musk. This is awesome! I seriously love this! It is very unique and has a very strong throw!!!


NEW!!!    *IRRESISTIBLE APPLE-BBW TYPE - The forbidden fruit?? I can see why...This fragrance is pure temptation!!!! I know what your thinking...another apple, but this one is just wonderful!! A MUST TRY!!!!!!!!!!

NEW!!!  *ISSEY MIYAKE - OMG!!!! Is this a "man in a bottle" or what!!!!!! L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme will give you hot flashes and heart palpitations! Heady, invigorating, yet fresh and eclectic. Base notes of Verbena, Tangerine, Cypress, and Yuzu Zest set the stage for a sexy middle of Coriander, Clary Sage, Geranium Bourbon, Blue Water Lily, Nutmeg, Saffron, with a memorable dry down of Ceylon Cinnamon Bark, Amber Tobacco, Vetiver, Sandalwood, and Musk. We say memorable for a reason... men and women both claim this aphrodisiac scent for their own! We know you have tried every version of Issey out there! We know you expected "boyfriend in a bottle", but didn't get it! We sent this intoxicating favorite men's fragrance directly to the perfumer to get what you are looking for.

*JACK FROST - A Yankee type. Peppermint with just a hint of chocolate and spice.

*JAM-BERRI SCONES - A rich sweet aroma of fresh baked scones!  Filled with strawberry, peaches, grapes and raspberries mixed with a rich vanilla bakery note!

*JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOM- This exotic fragrance is a wonderful blend of Japanese Cherry blossom, vanilla, subtle oriental notes, with hints of apple, plumb and mimosa petals.

*JASMINE - A floral blend of indian jasmine with touch of African ylang. An exotic blend of freshly cut jasmine flowers with a bottom note of rose petals.

NEW!!!  *JESSICA MCCLINTOCK TYPE-You will love this beautiful, romantic and very feminine fragrance. A delicate white floral blend of bergamot, ylang-ylang, white rose, white jasmine and lily of the valley.

*JUICY COUTURE TYPE - Our version of the designer fragrance. Top notes of watermelon, mandarin orange and passionfruit weave effortlessly with golden marigolds, green apples, water hyacinth and fresh cut green leaves. Floral middle notes of buttery tuberose envelope wild roses and lilies, supported by the luscious drydown notes of creamy carmel vanilla, precious woods and patchouli. A wonderful upscale fragrance

*KAI TYPE - Kai perfume is a favorite among "perfumistas" who adore fresh cut gardenia fragrance. Our fragrance begins with fresh, green aldehydic notes and island gardenia, atop a floral middle of rose, jasmine, and muguet, with soft, sweet bottom notes of musk, sandalwood, and vanilla. If you love white florals like jasmine and tuberose or floral blends like Fracas and Child, our interpretation of Kai is a must-try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NEW!!!   *KUMQUAT- YUMMMM what a great spin on orange, I love this super strong fragrance

*LAVENDER- A wonderful aroma a true lavender flowers.

*LAVENDER MIST - Calming and clean, this smooth soothing Lavender has a touch of morning dew and sweet apple blossom.  A fresh, delicate and slightly herbal European-type floral

*LAVENDER/VANILLA - BBW Type A beautiful soothing blend of lavender and vanilla

NEW!!!  *LEATHER - A strong scent of soft supple leather with a touch of musky softness. 

*LEI FLOWER - A intoxicating, fragrant Hawaiian lei is typically draped around the neck upon arriving or leaving as a symbol of affection and appreciation. This traditional scent combines plumeria, lehua blossom, lillies and tuberose with soft undertones of white musk and wood bark

*LEMON SUGAR This is a wonderful blend of lemon and crystallized sugar.  Fresh squeezed lemons layered with sweet crystallized sugar.

NEW!!!   *LEMON VERBENA - Our lemon verbena fragrance oil is a fabulous new addition to your line! With notes of spring greens, herbs, white lilies, citrus, apples and a hint of mint this new fragrance will have you refreshed and invigorated all day!

NEW!!!  *LICK ME ALL OVERI've have had so many customers ask for this I have it! A wonderful exotic fragrance with base notes of raspberry, cantaloupe, and watermelon, middle notes of jasmine and violet, and fresh top notes of grapefruit and kumquat.

*LILAC - The aroma of a freshly blooming lilac bush.

*LILY OF THE VALLEY - A strong, true re-creation of one of the most delightful flowers of spring..

*LOVE SPELL- (VS Type) - Dazzling top notes of grapefruit, orange and fresh ozone. Mid notes include melon, apple and kiwi. Nuances of jasmine at the base. Another wonderful scent that girls of all ages will love!!!  Inspired by a popular type that will put you under a spell..... 

*LOVELY BY SARAH JESSICA PARKER Type - "Inspired by her love of layering unexpected fragrances, Sarah Jessica Parker blends a scent of pure innocence with the exotic nature of precious oil and the sophistication of a fine perfume. Lavender, orchid and amber mingle with apple martini, paper whites and musk. The result, Sarah Jessica Parker's casual glamour fashioned into a fragrance".  This is an excellent dupe!  You'll love this flirty, feminine fragrance.

NEW!!!   *MADAGASCAR VANILLA TYPE- Vaniglia del Madagascar Type-This vanilla is amazing!!!! This has to be the best vanilla EVER!!!!!! A beautiful rich vanilla with just a hint of amber undertone....lingers for a long time, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!

NEW!!!  *MAGICAL MOON - HANAE MORI TYPE - Our interpretation of the Hanae Mori MAGICAL MOON fragrance. Opens with silky notes of night blooming jasmine and osmanthus. Creamy coconut and starfruit carry this bouquet into a sensual drydown of woods musk, vanilla and patchouli.  LUSH, warm almost tropical fragrance. Very elegant and sensual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NEW!!!  Malaia-Hollister TYPE~ Malaia is the natural beauty of a sundrenched "California" girl. The essence of crisp water, sheer florals, and soft woody tones. The allure of the ocean and the California sun. Lime, Jasmine, Heliotrope, Muguet, Cedarwood, White Musk, Crisp Water the allure of the Ocean.

*Mandarin Cranberry-Yankee Type - .

*Magnolia - The aroma of the blooming petals of a magnolia tree.

*Maple Sugar - This wonderful fragrance has just the right amount of maple!!!! A beautiful blend of maple and sugar.

NEW!!!  *MID SUMMER NITES DREAM -  long-time Yankee favorite -- warm, a little spicy and very seductive.

*MIDNIGHT POMAGRANATE TYPE -Inspired by a popular BBW Type. Rich red pomegranates,dewberry, raspberry, sandalwood, musk, sparkling citrus, cassis, hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and patchouli with anise all blended together to give you an enticing seductive blend.-

*MINT SUGAR COOKIE - Truly a unique and different scent. A robust sugar cookie with all the spices with a minty undertone. Very light on the mint, I really like this scent.

*MIRACLE-LANCOME TYPE - Flowery, yet sharp, this interpretation of the Lancome classic is comprised of fresh and spicy florals, with lower notes of amber and jasmine

*MOONLIGHT PATH TYPE -  Pink rose and jasmine infused with soft violets. Base notes of sweet musk are enhanced by unique woodsy notes. A sensual fragrance takes you a beautiful moonlit garden.

*MIMOSA MANDARIN - I love this oil! It is fresh and clean and fabulous! The top notes are of mandarin orange citrus, peach, strawberry & pink grapefruit. The middle notes are made up of a fruity yet floral bouquet with lilac, apple, jasmine, hawthorn, sweet mimosa, dew fruit, & plum. The bottom notes are sweet raspberry mixed with vanilla. BEST SELLER

*MULLED CIDER - Mulled hot apple cider with a touch of nutmeg and cinnamon

*NOEL - CRABTREE & EVELYN - The festive Noël scent from Crabtree & Evelyn—-a blend of freshly cut balsam, frankincense, and spiced fruit—-is sure to make you feel like celebrating.

*OATMEAL MILK AND HONEY - Oatmeal with hints of fresh milk, hawthorn, french vanilla, hints of almond and honey; A great wholesome scent you will love!

*OBSESSION TYPE - A fabulous dupe! Its feverish intensity and irresistible appeal keeps this fabulous fragrance a favorite! An oriental amber blend of citrus top notes of mandarin, bergamot, orange blossoms, coriander followed by exotic florals, Tagette on a base of vanilla, amber and musk and hints of oakmoss.

*OCEAN MIST - A beautiful fresh & clean scent. Complex bouquet of carnations, lily of the valley, and hyacinth; underlined by oakmoss and white musk

*Orange Clove - Very strong! Excellent in soy and paraffin. Wonderful aroma of fresh orange slices with hints nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove.

*PASSIONATE KISSES - A Victoria Secret Type. A sweet fruity combination of orange, lemon and cherries with floral nuances of jasmine and violets on a mild musky background.

*Patchouli - The patchouli without the vanilla

*PATCHOULI VANILLA - A wonderful blend of vanilla and earthy patchouli. It is said that patchouli helps to reduce tension, insomnia and anxiety. It is also know as uplifting fragrance that helps to soothe away everyday cares, and to bring about a sense of nourishment. In this way, and due to its wine-like intoxicating aroma, patchouli oil is also known as an aphrodisiac and is a traditional ingredient in love potions.

NEW!!!  *PEANUT BUTTER CUPS - LOVE IT!!! Smells just like a reeses peanut butter cup!! Awesome!!!!

*PEPPERMINT COCOA TYPE - An awesome blend of peppermint and rich chocolate. A Yankee Type

*PINA COLADA - A tropical combination of sweet pineapple and coconut. Bath and body safe. Coconut and Pineapple come together in this spin of the popular tropical drink! 

*PINK PEONY - A Voluptous floral!!! Very sweet with the scent of the late spring oriential garden favorite.  Rich and complex this scent has notes of lily of the valley, Iris and Tulip.

*PINK SUGAR - Aquolina Pink Sugar Type. A delectable sweet treat! The sugary aroma comes from ingredients you remember from your childhood, like vanilla, caramel, and cotton candy. But along with the sweet comes the spice. Notes of bergamot and Sic