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Catalog > Socal-Hollister Men Type-Spritz on the Clothes/Body

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Socal-Hollister Men Type-Spritz on the Clothes/Body

~SOCAL-Hollister Men Type~ Spritz on the Clothes

A dupe of that famous fragrance you smell coming from the Hollister store in the mall!!. A MUST TRY!


Clothes Scenting is the NEWEST & VERY POPULAR aromatherapy trend!!!!!!!!!!

I just love my clothes scented, the fragrance seems to last longer on my clothes....makes me feel clean, fresh & so sexy! Our spray is super strong, can be used as a awesome body spray, if you'd prefer......

Just spritz on your clothes to set the mood, makes your clothes smell sooo good.

Customer Comments.....

"I recieved the SoCal spritz today and I love it!!!  I definitely will be purchasing from you again in the near future.

Thank you, Ric


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