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Catalog > 2oz "Tropical Butters" BODY BUTTER 98% Natural

2oz "Tropical Butters" BODY BUTTER 98% Natural-body butter, mango body butter, natural body butter, moisturizing cream, shea body butter, whipped body butter
2oz "Tropical Butters" BODY BUTTER 98% Natural

You'll LOVE the thick moisturizing cream!!!!!!!!

Thick Creamy Body Butter

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Our Body Butter is such a decadently rich moisturizing treat! It has such a lovely thick texture that will soothe and deeply hydrate even the driest skin. It’s comprised of 98% natural ingredients, before fragrance oils are added, so it’s naturally luxurious and nurturing. This Body Butter melts right into your skin, allowing the nourishing ingredients to immediately go to work plumping up your skin and replenishing your lost moisture, giving you the beautiful skin you’ve always dreamed about. Treat your skin to the moisture it’s been begging for!

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